Gordey Chernyy

Echoing Ego

Echoing Ego


  • Julia Frey — performance, Kinect / Max MSP development;
  • Maria Mishurenko —art direction. illustration, design;
  • Anirudh Dhulipalla — poetry;
  • Enki Anrews — sound design;
  •  Adriana Molello — soundtrack
  •  Andrew McWilliams — curator

Echoing ego interactive performance

What would it mean to “virtually dissect” your ego, and discover its component parts? This was the question asked by the “Echoing Ego” team, leading to the creation of an installation and performance piece. This performance installation was created during Art-a-Hack residency. The performance was created with OpenFrameworks, Paper.js, Kinect & Max MSP.

My role: Paper.js animation programming, software integration, UX Design

More on the project on official website