Gordey Chernyy


Creative coding and art-direction for brands, non-profits, and people.

Gordey Chernyy is an independent visual artist, game developer, live performer and creative technologist, originally from Kazakhstan. Currently he resides in Brooklyn, NY. In his artistic practice he explores intersections of software and art, human-computer interaction and biofeedback. His interests include Eastern philosophy, psychology and generative art. As a creative technologist he creates highly efficient customized tools for animators, visual artists and live performers. Gordey’s client list includes Lauryn Hill, Keurig, Kia, CU Boulder, IBM, Grey advertising, etc. He has a background in visual arts, motion graphics and filmmaking. Gordey is always open to the collaborations and commissions and has special rates for non-profits.

If you want to hire Gordey for live performance / live drawing, please contact Elastic Shore producer Patrick Lovejoy. 

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